KoScrub values being Eco-Friendly as a must for any product that we release. And even though we think we are doing well now, we are constantly thriving to be better.


We aim to be eco-friendly in 3 ways.


1. Minimising waste. All the plastic we use with our KoScrub Kit is 100% recyclable. The actual box doubles as a storage/travel box and many customers have been using it as such, further reducing the need for waste. Finally the KoScrub itself is 100% biodegradable and can be safely composted.


2. The manufacturing process. While researching products in the beauty industry we found many companies using non eco-friendly ingredients such as palm oil. Konjac fibres have been manufactured for centuries and is a very sustainable practice.


3. The KoScrub kit can be used with just water, so it reduces the need for any extra cosmetic products, thus reducing the potential for environmental issues coming from a multi cosmetic product approach to skin care.